Presentation of the think & do tank POUR LA SOLIDARITÉ - PLS

POUR LA SOLIDARITÉ - PLS was founded in 2002 by the Belgian economist Denis Stokkink. It is an independent European think & do tank committed to promoting solidarity and sustainability in Europe. POUR LA SOLIDARITÉ takes action to defend and strengthen the European Social Model, which consists of a subtle balance between economic development and social justice.

PLS has experience in research, consulting, coordination of European projects and event organisation. It uses its expertise to support companies, public authorities and the civil society, guided by the motto: ‘Understand to Act’.


The European think & do tank POUR LA SOLIDARITÉ

  • Conducts analytical and research projects of high quality in order to offer new ways of thinking and to raise awareness on challenges faced by society. PLS offers three types of publications which can either be consulted online or ordered as hard copies: “Cahiers”, “Notes d’analyse” and “Études & Dossiers”.

  • Provides advice, training and support on EU funding and lobbying.

  • Drafts and carries out transnational projects in cooperation with its network of European partners.

  • Organizes conferences that bring together executives, European experts and grassroot actors, and provide a convivial forum for debating on the future of solidarity and sustainability in Europe.


PLS operates in five different fields


5 fields of action PLS



POUR LA SOLIDARITÉ – PLS keeps its stakeholders informed about what is going on at the European level. Various resources (official texts, best practices, stakeholders and news) can be found on the four European observatories run by PLS:


POUR LA SOLIDARITÉ – PLS is member of the European networks ICOSI, DIESIS, IPSE, European Civic Forum and SOLIDAR.

PLS is also part of the Expert Group of the Commission on Social Entrepreneurship.


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